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Rankos Stadium Pharmacy

Trusted by Tacoma families for over 85 years

Express your confidence, individuality,

and sexiness with Eye-Bobs!

Eye-Bobs are handmade readers, and the very best quality you can buy! Quality lenses and frames, that can even be converted to prescription glasses by your optician! These high fashion styles are for both men and women, and come with a hard case in your choice of color!

While Eyebobs normally retail from $75 to $85

Rankos is proud to offer them at the low price of $59.50!

We don't have your strength, style, or color? Simply click on the Eye-bobs logo above, pick out your style and strength, then give Rankos a call! We can order the exact pair you need at no additional cost, and have it in our store in as little as two days!